Preparing to Move Checklist

Even after all the paperwork clears, the process is far from over. At this stage, you’re faced with the task of physically moving and this can be a stressful experience for anyone. However, with a bit of planning, this becomes a much easier process.

The first and most important thing is to start planning early; ideally six weeks to two months before the intended move date.

It is also a good idea to make a note of important phone numbers, dates, and company names on the moving checklist. This way all the important information you may need during the move is in one place.

Six Weeks Before the Move

  • Confirm the moving date with your agent before booking any services.
  • If currently renting, inform your landlords of the proposed moving date in writing and by giving the proper amount of notice (see the Province of BC website for more info on ending a tenancy).
  • The letter should include the moving date, and clearly state the date it was written.
  • Check if the landlord has any requirements in regards to the return of deposits, moving out, handing over keys etc.
  • Inform your home insurance company of the proposed moving date. This ensures that your coverage at the new address starts from the day of the move.
  • If professional movers are a consideration, request quotes from a range of moving companies before making your decision. They should be informed about any extremely heavy or awkward pieces that will need to be moved, and any accessibility issues on either property. 
A written quote should include:
  • The type of insurance they have and what it covers
  • The number of people used in each move
  • If packing material is included or if there is an additional charge

If hiring movers is not an option, start asking for help around six weeks before the move. 
  • Always ask more people than needed, in case someone drops out close to the move.
  • Book storage space, if required.
  • Inform the appropriate utility companies about the move and the date of the move.
  • Assess your current belongings and sell or give away anything you don’t need.
  • Order any furniture, carpets or made-to-measure window blinds or curtains once you have exact measurements of the new property.

No Less Than Two Weeks Before the Move

  • Pack all non-essential items and clearly label the contents.
  • Inform healthcare services about the move and register with new providers if moving out of the original area.
  • Arrange child and pet care for the day of the move if needed
  • Finalize details with the chosen moving company and confirm arrival time and directions to both addresses.
  • If the new house is occupied, details with the current occupier have to be finalized.
  • The time of arrival at the new address needs to be suitable for both the buyer and the Seller.

On the Day Before the Move

  • Complete packing and set aside a bag/box with any essentials needed for the day (can include clothes, toiletries, medications, food etc.)
  • Do one final sweep of the house, closing off each room after it has been inspected.

Moving does not have to be stressful or chaotic. Don’t hesitate to ask your real estate agent for tips or advice.

Hiring a competent, reliable agent will leave you with time and energy to make the moving process smooth and hassle-free.

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