Video: Top 5 Reasons to Move to White Rock, British Columbia

1. The Beach
The beach is beautiful with sandy beaches and some beautiful tide pools when the tide is out. Great for wading through and exploring with the kids and great for building sandcastles.
 If you like to go walking, the Promenade is just over 2 kilometers long and goes from East Beach to West Beach when you reach halfway, you can head down the White Rock Pier. The White Rock Pier is beautiful and a wonderful place to watch the sunset. White Rock Beach is also great for water sports if you like boating, paddleboarding, skimboarding, swimming, and you may like kite surfing, but if you don't, it's super fun to watch.

#2 Ocean View properties.
White Rock is on a Hill which means that there is lots of space for homes to have an ocean view.
Detached homes could be up to 3 levels with an ocean view on each floor depending on where it’s located on the hillside. You can also get great ocean views from condos and depending on what kind of lifestyle you want, there are lots of options. Now, with the White Rock being on a hill, it does mean that if you walk down to the beach, which a lot of people do, it means you're coming back uphill. It's great exercise, but it's not for everybody.

#3 The Weather

The weather in White Rock is mild, so it's great if you don't want to shovel a lot of snow. White Rock does get the odd snowfall, but when it comes, it usually melts quickly. The average temperature in the winter is around six degrees Celsius and in the summer it's 23 degrees.

White Rock has a mild climate and gets a fair amount of rain. Not as much rain is in Vancouver though on average as White Rock receives approximately 20% more sunshine than Vancouver.

#4 Schools
The schools in White Rock B.C. are great, and there are a few different options including French immersion, Arts programs, Montessori, an Outdoor school, and more. Also, in the neighbouring area of South Surrey, there are also some sought-after private schools. 

#5 Close to the U.S. Border Living in White Rock means you're closer to the US border. The proximity can be great if you want to pop over and do some shopping or fill up with gas. A lot of residents in the White Rock area couldn’t do this during the pandemic as the border was closed to residents but has since reopened. A good thing to have if you would like to go cross-border shopping is a Nexus card, which you can apply for and it makes it a lot easier to get back and forth across the border.

Also, White Rock residents sometimes have another property down in Washington State. Being close to the border makes it super easy to get down and enjoy a vacation home and it’s just minutes away.