Video: Top 5 Reasons NOT to Move to White Rock, British Columbia

1. Property Taxes
 Property Taxes are higher in White Rock than in the surrounding area of South Surrey. White Rock is a city of just under 20,000 people which brings a great small-townish feel, but the taxes are somewhat higher.

2. The Train
If if you're thinking of moving to White Rock, you need to consider that the train that comes along the beach can be noisy. You can hear it from most homes in White Rock but recently things have changed and now the horn is only blown if somebody is on the tracks. To get over to the beach from parking, people do walk onto the track so the horn will still blow the odd time. 

3. Parking
 Depending on what street you live on, there may be resident parking. If so, you can purchase a pass through the city and be able to park there. This is great for you, but when you have guests over you will need to have multiple passes. 

 4. Small Lots 
If you are interested in an ocean view property, it likely won’t come with a large yard. With many White Rock homes on the hillside, the home takes up a large portion of the lot. It’s perfect if you don’t want to maintain a yard, but it can also be less desirable if you have young children or a dog. 

 5. The Beach 
In the summertime when you want to head down to the beach, it can be busy with locals from around the Lower Mainland and tourists. There are many great restaurants to enjoy across from the beach, but you will need to pay to park and the demand for parking spaces is high, especially on weekends and holidays. The busy period is just the peak of summer and some holidays. The rest of the year the beach is easy to access, and local businesses rely on residents coming down in the colder months. 

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