Video: 5 Top Reasons NOT to Move to South Surrey

#1. It's a far commute into Vancouver 
If you work in downtown Vancouver B.C. you'll be commuting about an hour each way to get to and from work. The South Surrey Park & Ride is a great option which is a bus ride that meets up with the SkyTrain and gets you to different parts of the city. Your other option is carpooling. If you’re driving into town you can use the HOV lane if you have 2 or more occupants or if you have an electric vehicle. 

#2 Busy roads 
The population in South Surrey is growing and so is the congestion on the roads that run East-West. Roads like 32nd Avenue, 24th Avenue and 16th Avenue can be busy especially during peak times. Some of these roads have been widened and 32nd is currently under construction. Congestion in South Surrey tends to be during commuting hours and mostly around the shops at Grandview and Morgan Crossing or roads leading onto the highway. 

#3 Crowded Schools 
You are likely to find portables at most schools in South Surrey due to it's a growing population. Grandview Highschool opened in 2021 due to overcrowding at Earl Marriot and Semiahmoo Secondary. There have also been new elementary schools built and more elementary schools scheduled for building. 

#4 The Weather 
If you don't enjoy the rain then maybe South Surrey is not for you. South Surrey and White Rock receive 20% more sunshine compared to Vancouver B.C. and has a pretty mild climate, but that does come with a good amount of rain each year. You will need an umbrella and definitely a rain jacket. This area does receive some snow each year, typically not accumulating to a lot and melting rather quickly. 

#5 Lack of a Nightlife
If you want to go dancing there are not too many options in South Surrey. There are lots of great restaurants and some brewpubs but if you want to go to a big concert, or go out dancing, you're going to want to head to Vancouver.