Video: Here is why: You Won't Find the Perfect Home!

Did you know that it’s not your realtor’s job to find you the ‘perfect’ home? 
It’s TRUE! 
Your realtor’s job is to help you, the home buyer,  determine what is most important to you and put together a list of criteria. If you are buying a home with your spouse or partner, then they need to put together a list as well. You both may have very different ideas of what you want. 
Once that list of criteria has been determined then your realtor will put together a search to see what is currently on MLS that meets that criteria. It’s more about eliminating what you don’t want in order to find something you might want and then go and view those homes.
The goal is not to find the ‘perfect’ home but to find a home or property that you love. And you may love it for different reasons, like the neighborhood, or school catchment. The house may not be perfect at all, but you may like it and love the lifestyle more than the actual house. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the house and forget that your home is so much more than its size and finishings. Plus, you can make changes to the house but not its location.