Cooling Off? June Market Update

We're seeing more changes in our local real estate markets. Leah shows you the numbers for South Surrey & White Rock, The Fraser Valley as well as Greater Vancouver.

Here is what we know:

In South Surrey and White Rock specifically:
-Sales of detached homes are up from May by 1.6% but down 53% from June 2021
-listings of detached homes down 19.5% from May and down 21.4% from June 2021
-Benchmark pricing $2,053,100 down 3.8% from May and up 19.5% from June 2021
- peaked in April at $2,147,000

-Sales of townhouses are up 13.6% from May and down 23% from June 2021
-Listing of townhouses are down from May by 4.4% and up 25.2% from June 2021
-Benchmark pricing is $983,100 down 4.6% from May and up 21.6% from June 2021
peaked at $1,058,400 back in April

-Sales of condos are up 2.9% from May and down 19.1% from June 2021
-Listings of condos are down 6% from May and down 23.6% from June 2021
-Benchmark pricing comes in at $640,600 down .4% from May and up 23.1%. from June 2021
- peaked in April at $713,300

Sales to Active listings ratio:
South Surrey White Rock 24%

In the Fraser Valley:
-sales are down 5.8% from May and down 43% from June 2021
-listings down 8.2% from May but up 7.2% from June 2021
Sales to Active listings ratio: 20%

Benchmark pricing is down across the board for Detached homes, Townhouses, and Condominiums in the Fraser Valley.

In the Greater Vancouver area:
-sales are down 16.2% from May and down 35% from June 2021
-listings are down 17.6% from May and down 10.1% from June 2021
Sales to Active listings ratio: 23.4%

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